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Conch bowl Just added

Conch bowl

Amazing and decorative big conch bowl in glass. Stands on three feets.D: 27 cmH: 13 cm..

650 DKK Ex Tax: 650 DKK

Curved glass bowl Just added

Curved glass bowl

Curved glass bowl with green glowL: 38 cmW: 19 cm..

550 DKK Ex Tax: 550 DKK

Ikebana bowl  I Just added

Ikebana bowl I

Japanese ikebana bowl in beautiful green/brown/yellow colorsH: 9 cmW: 16 cm..

350 DKK Ex Tax: 350 DKK

Ikebana bowl  II Just added

Ikebana bowl II

Japanese ikebana bowl with beautiful brown shiny glazeH: 9 cmW: 16 cm..

350 DKK Ex Tax: 350 DKK

Onyx bowl Just added

Onyx bowl

Small bowl in onyx. Can be used for olives, nuts or jewelry, D: 14 cm..

250 DKK Ex Tax: 250 DKK

Sculptural wire basket

Big basket in chrome. Amazing with fruit or vegetables or as a decorative object.D: 36 cm..

350 DKK Ex Tax: 350 DKK

Seashell stand

Uniqe and decorative sheshell stand. Perfect for jewelry. H: 11 cmW: 20 cm..

400 DKK Ex Tax: 400 DKK

Spiral bowl

Vintage spiral bowl in metal from from Excel. Measurements: H: 19 cm, W: 29 cm..

600 DKK Ex Tax: 600 DKK

Steel dish

Smaller steel dish in asymmetric shape.21x22 cm..

200 DKK Ex Tax: 200 DKK

Textured glass bowl

Simple glass bowl with beautiful texture on the outsideD: 29 cm..

300 DKK Ex Tax: 300 DKK