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Beautifully ornamented vase

Beautiful and decorative ceramic vase with twisted edge and handle.H: 19 cm..

500 DKK Ex Tax: 500 DKK

Delicated shaped vase Just added

Delicated shaped vase

Simple and delicate vase in white glass. Beautiful shape.H: 22 cm..

350 DKK Ex Tax: 350 DKK

Double vase Just added

Double vase

Rare glass vase with two rooms. ..

400 DKK Ex Tax: 400 DKK

Extravaganza vase Just added

Extravaganza vase

Big, beautiful and sculpturel vase in the most amazing color combo.H: 35 cm..

800 DKK Ex Tax: 800 DKK

Finnish glass bowl

Beautiful, heavy and sculpturel glass art bowl from Finland.  H: 20 cmW: 25 cm..

1,000 DKK Ex Tax: 1,000 DKK

Frosted glass vase II

Frosted glass vase with nice textureH: 32 cmB: 16 cm ..

400 DKK Ex Tax: 400 DKK

Glass art object

Unique and beautiful black glass vase/object.H: 18 cmD: 19 cm..

750 DKK Ex Tax: 750 DKK

Glass art vase

Sculpturel vase in glassH: 29 cm  ..

250 DKK Ex Tax: 250 DKK

Grey glass vase

Asymmetric vase with a bottom in thick transparent glass. Heavy and minimalistic.H: 32 cmW: 20 cm (b..

450 DKK Ex Tax: 450 DKK

Ikebana glass vase I

Vintage glass vase for ikebana arrangements or as a simple beautiful interior object.L: 50 cm..

250 DKK Ex Tax: 250 DKK

Modern glass vase

Amazing glass vase with frosted stribes on the front side. Measurements:H: 24 cmW: 22 cm..

500 DKK Ex Tax: 500 DKK

Simple round vase

Simple and narrow round vase in grey color H: 18 cmB: 20 cm ..

300 DKK Ex Tax: 300 DKK

Wavy glass vase

Simple glass vase in a wavy shape.  Beautiful and decorative.H: 18 W: 24 cm..

350 DKK Ex Tax: 350 DKK